About Me

To me color is happiness! I am always the easiest to spot in a crowd, because I am usually wearing very bright colors with fuchsia lipstick. But the other side of me also likes very simple and minimal things, so the combination of bright colors and minimal designs is what my jewelry is all about.

At 17 I began making jewelry as a hobby and started with very basic beaded necklaces. A local farmer's market opened and gave me the opportunity to start selling my jewelry to more than just family and friends. I quickly gained a loyal following who encouraged me to open my own shop, and when the farmer's market when into winter hiatus, I did just that and opened my own store at only 20 years old! My husband and I ran it together until we welcomed our daughter and realized that we were unable to to juggle the business and the baby.

I continued to design jewelry off and on again for a few years until I heard about this website where I could sell my jewelry and stay home with my daughter, so I thought I would give it a try, but I didn't want to get my hopes up too high. Within a few months, I was not only selling more than I did when I had my own store, but I had reignited my passion for jewelry! Now I have started my own website, and I am pleased that you have found me. Thank you so much for helping me live my passion!