Sea Foam Blue Green Pearl Earrings Yellow or Rose Gold

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These beautiful wire wrapped earrings are made with 14K yellow gold filled wire and 8mm iridescent light turquoise crystal nacre pearls. They are handmade by Jessica Luu Jewelry, a company known for its high-quality and unique jewelry pieces. The earrings feature a delicate wire wrapping technique that wraps the wire around the pearls to create a unique and elegant design. The pearls are sourced from reputable suppliers and are known for their beauty and luster. The earrings are perfect for any occasion and can be worn with a variety of outfits. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and are sure to add a touch of sophistication to your look.




Earrings Details:
~ 8mm iridescent light turquoise crystal nacre pearls
~ 14K gold filled wire
~ About 1 inch long

Necklace details:
~ 10mm iridescent light turquoise crystal nacre pearl
~ 14K gold filled wire and chain
~ 18 inches long


HOW THEY'RE MADE: Each pearl is wrapped by hand with 14K gold filled wire which is then formed into the ear wire and hammered for strength. Gold filled wire is a hollow tube of 14 karat gold that is filled with brass for durability, so all the metal outside is 14K gold; gold filled wire will not wear off like gold plating and will last a lifetime.