Sterling Silver Mauve Purple Pearl Bangle Bracelet - Other Metal Choices Available

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Light Purple Pearl Bangle Handmade by Jessica Luu Jewelry

~ Sophisticated ~ Versatile ~ Elegant ~
Perfect for everyday wear, this silver pearl bangle adds a touch of casual elegance to every occasion - available in 3 metal choices.




~ 10mm mauve crystal nacre pearl
~ Sterling silver or 14K gold filled wire



Slides over hand, so please use hand size not wrist size

X Small: 2.25 inches in Diameter (or 7.5 inch Circumference)
Small: 2.5 inches in Diameter (or 8 inch Circumference)
Medium: 2.75 inches in diameter (or 8.5 inch circumference) MOST COMMON
Large: 3 inches in diameter (or 9 inch circumference)

You can measure your hand by:
•Bring your fingers together and thumb together as if you were about to put on a bangle.
•Measure your hand with a string or tape measure around the widest part of your hand.
•Note the circumference of your hand. If you used a string measure it against a ruler.


HOW IT’S MADE: A large nacre pearl is wire wrapped in a herringbone style then attached to a bangle bracelet that has been formed by hand, hammered for strength, and tumbled to a high shine. Gold filled wire is a hollow tube of 14 karat gold that is filled with brass for durability, so all the metal outside is 14K gold; gold filled wire will not wear off like gold plating and will last a lifetime.