Set of 2 Pairs Black Tahitian and Dark Blue Pearl Stud Earrings Sterling Silver or Gold Filled

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Sterling Silver Dark Blue and Black Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings Set of 2 Pairs Handmade by Jessica Luu Jewelry

~ Classic ~ Timeless ~ Elegant ~
Perfect for everyday wear, these tiny studs add a touch of casual elegance to every occasion. Can be worn alone or with additional piercings




~ 4mm petrol and Tahitian crystal nacre pearls
~ Sterling silver or 14K gold filled wire
~ Silicone backings
~ Set of 2 pairs


HOW THEY’RE MADE: Each pearl is wrapped by hand with 14K gold filled wire which is then formed into the ear post. Gold filled wire is a hollow tube of 14 karat gold that is filled with brass for durability, so all the metal outside is 14K gold; gold filled wire will not wear off like gold plating and will last a lifetime.